Sunday, May 12, 2013

West Texas Lawn

I take back everything nice I said about our neighbor, Bacon. Actually, I would just question his choice in lawn service companies. This morning, the lawn service came by, mowed, edged and raked Bacon's yard. Later this afternoon, I went to the side of the house between our properties and saw this:

Yes, that's very well manicured lawn/dirt. Now I suppose it's possible they are planting grass over there, regardless, this is west Texas, and we are in a drought so a dirt yard versus a yard of weeds, it's tough to pick a winner. But notice the pile of leaves behind the tree on the left (which is our property). Yes, the fine lawn service raked up the leaves and just dumped them on our side. Well done.

I can see the fine fifth grade reasoning behind this:

“There's already leaves over there, so we can just add this stack to theirs, and no one will notice. And by the time the leaves get blown back into Bacon's yard, we'll be long gone and counting our twenty dollars.”

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